Blessings from Above

The blessings bestowed upon us in Olam HaZeh (This World), as per the “material goods” that we receive – these material blessings that we receive do not exceed those of Olam HaBa (the World-to-Come). In lieu of being directly connected to the land of Israel, wherein the rain, crops of the field, flocks and herds were in abundance when Israel followed the commandments, we are at even more of a disadvantage to recognize these blessings as being from Above. For we are not dependent upon rain or sunlight, because most of our shopping is from the shelves of supermarkets and health food stores.

Moreover, consider that when we disregard the source of the abundance of goods provided for us, namely the Heavens Above, then we are disconnecting ourselves from G-d, and His future promises. This was evidenced by Torah, and the subsequent loss of blessings received in Israel, because they forgot the G-d who made them, years later, after entering Eretz Yisrael (Deuteronomy 32:18). For, as they prospered, they began to think that everything was a result of their own efforts. We have the opportunity today and every day to continue learning from the mistakes of our ancestors. The ultimate blessings as prescribed in prophecy are still extant for Israel as a nation.

Author: tzvifievel

My focus is on the synthesis of psychology, religion, and writing. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English. Additionally, I hold a certificate in Rubenfeld Synergy (psychophysical re-education).

One thought on “Blessings from Above”

  1. Yes, we are in the double hiding of Hashem’s face “I shall surely conceal my face” – Deut. 31:18. This is so thorough and effective, many don’t realize Hashem is even there and all appears to come from nature (haTeva), which is 186. For me, this is why Purim resonates today, as we must remember this at all times that Hashem is working at every second for the good.

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