Prime Cause

“What I have wrought [aliyot] upon Egypt, and my signs which I have done among them; that you may know that I am the L-RD.” – Exodus 10:2

“The reason that G’d’s activities are referred to by a word which hints at עילה [connoting pretext] is that He is the prime Cause of everything which transpires. All His actions have been inspired by His original planning when He created the universe and man.” – R’ Bachya,

It is mentioned in Pirkei Avos (Ethics of our Fathers) that the staff of Moses was created, that is to say, that it was amongst ten things first and foremost in His mind, on the eve of the first Shabbat (Pirkei Avos 5:6). Thus, we learn of H’Shems initial intentions and foresight, when creating the world. Inasmuch that he foresaw the captivity and enslavement of B’nei Yisrael, He had already provided the remedy for the ailment (the cure for the sickness).

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